atkinson"To identify true cost, hidden cost must be revealed before the CONTRACT!"

All meaningful relationships start with trust. This has never been truer than in the remodeling business!

Access to your home, budgets, schedules, planning, design, quality and construction traffic are elements that become magnified tenfold when we are living with you!

Is the bucoreys_cellardget real, where is the hidden cost, what time will you start, who will be in my home, what do we do with the dog, should we move out? We have the answers! We address every concern you have and the ones you have not thought of.

Confronting the dilemma of budget is a big deal to us. Why is one contractor $200,000.00 less than the other? Hard cost are relatively the same for all contractors. I think most people are honest! But not all estimators are created equally. To identify true cost, hidden cost must be revealed before the CONTRACT!

We invest time before the CONTRACT! We spend many hours on the project reviewing every detail with the vendors so they can estimate properly and we can hold them accountable. That’s our job! You can pay now or you can pay later, paying later is more expensive. You will enjoy the process much more knowing your cost before you begin! Beware of the “unforeseen” clause in contracts. It’s unforeseen because they did not look! We look!

Our quality and service is a direct reflection of our custom home team. It’s the same team not a division. We have been doing magnificent renovations since the conception of our business and it is 50% of our business. We are not a homebuilder filling in with remodeling work; we are as passionate about renovating a kitchen as building a custom home!

Given the trust factor in the remodeling business, 100% of our work comes from referral, so if you would like to visit or call some of our previous clients we would be happy to connect you with them.